Web / Print Design

Meritage Funds Website

Meritage Funds is an adventure capitalist firm and EOS implementer located Downtown Denver which I was hired as a freelance web designer for. I worked on the project with a wonderful copywriter Carie Sherman. I crafted the site in WordPress for the client by request.


I was contracted for the photography on the web rehaul for Meritage. Photography included head shots which I shot on site with brought in lightening and equipment.

Meritage Funds Website

Print Colateral

Tuliva Rebranding Project

2015-2016 I was working with a cloud-based services startup. I was brought on the team as a front end designer, how ever seeing as it was a start up worked multiple hats within the company. As the only in house designer I was tasked with creating the branding / logo for the company. Tuliva is no longer with us today but here is a excerpt of the over all brand package I created.