[Research and inspirations]

[Synthesis and Reflection]

Throughout my career at DU I have explored a variety of mediums of which I am fortunate enough to be able to intertwine together. However I have been limited to do a work Ive been wanting to do based upon the spectrums of the work not fitting into a specific curriculum standard. As interactivity has become my main focus in the ultimate years of my studies at DU, I wish to create a project that merges my love for interactivity and my other love of photography which I do not study at the university. A professor in the past mentioned the idea of expanding the boundaries of the a typical standard of photography presentation, the thought and idea propelled me and has been on my mind since.

The first piece in the blog is that of Ava Burke titled time piece. I love the simplicity of the piece and for as simple as it is I found my self captivated by it. Although the coding behind it isn’t more technical than a mouseover effect the photography creates for a  overall strong piece. I hope to incorporate processing into a like wise manner.

As for the second inspiration shown in a vimeo is that of artist Miwa Matreyek. Matreyek is an artist that I was fortunate enough to see in person. As visually compelling and beautiful her pieces are, what truely draws me to her works, is her creative uses of multi media. She expands the limits of animation and utilizes shadows in addition to her animation to create story. Her pieces are unique and look at new ways to portray animation. A topic that closely relates to my desire to expand the standards exhibition techniques of photography.

As I have been progressing my digital skill set, in a class for adobes after effects a small exercise turned into an idea that I want to explore further. The video below is photographic work of mine that I cut out in photoshop than brought into after effects. Although this piece is only a few seconds I wish to do something similiar but on a much larger scale. From there I would want to add some layer of interactivity, wether that be the viewer using a control to opperate the speed and dirrection of which the parallax moves.  Food for thought, I will have to see where this project brings me.

[Progress and Process]

2.5D Depth from justine henderson on Vimeo.


We live in an age where the term artist spans a horizon that is much too vague to define as we find ourselves lost in a wide spectrum of mediums and live among the sensitive guidelines of we defy as “art”. However although many wish to live the life of an eccentric artist and create what ever we please, as reality hits we must learn to hone in on our creative talents and converge them into a profitable product. This is where we draw the line between “art” and and “creative entrepreneur”.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

-Albert Einstein

The world provides a surplus of artists, however a shortage of which whom realize how to creatively entrepreneur their ideas. As we are discouraged as well by a pretentious art world that finds the act of an artist commercializing their work as a “sell out”. Should it be selling out though if creating commercial works allows such artist to pay their bills and ultimately provide them time to create their pieces that are free of commercial alternatives?  Sensitive topic, however relevant.

Creative forces are the source that paint the packages, build the advertisements, and design the spaces that are shown to the common person, and connect the product from the line to the buyer. As we span a variety of mediums, we as artists must find our positions amongst a commercial world. We must learn and position ourselves for success or we will never thrive .  As my studies are nearing a end, I have learned my strengths and weaknesses and am deciphering where I need to head to arrive to the career that will allow me the most creative freedoms and opportunity. I have discovered a love for new media and more specifically interactivity and as I enter a field that is new to most, and unknown to some, my positioning is proving critical to allowing myself to discover a career that will blossom my development. A bit frightening but no one ever got where they needed to be with out a little kick in the ass.




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