My first post, whoop whoop! Only took three weeks… ha, but gotta give me a bit of credit. I decided I wanted to make a website for myself with out ever having developed a word press site and did so while making my way across europe. Thank god for global access to wifi!  Any way about three weeks ago (August 18th) I took off from the small city of Denver, Colorado and ventured off to Europe to study in Bilbao. However like any adventurous young soul I decided Switzerland was a much better arrival destination and with the help of my swiss friend Philip, had an awesome four days exploring a good chunk of Swiss country.


Upon arriving in Geneva, I got picked up at the airport and made my way to Lausanne. Lausanne is a city in Romandy, the French-speaking district of Switzerland; and is absolutely beautiful! I guess if there is any take away advice I could give you if you are to visit this place, is to not to refer to Lac Léman, as lake Geneva. A very big common misconception in the area. Only about 10% of the Lake is actually Lake Geneva. So that being said,  its Lac Léman! Call it Lake Geneva.. and Swiss people will think your stupid 😉


– J.