The other day I was talking with a friend, who happens to be quiet a talented portrait photographer on how he hates to shoot landscapes, to the extent after traveling through about 4 countries in the EU, he had taken less than 60 pictures (I may be wrong on the exactly numbers but you get the point). I thought how could you be a photographer and not like landscapes? Seeing as I’m also a Libra I took in his point of view and argument and agreed to disagree on that landscape photography isn’t completely worthless.

Looking back I have shot around 8000 photos since my European excavation has begun and majority of them have been landscapes. His comments began to make me wonder what attracts me to primarily shoot landscapes and after pondering the thought this is what I came to conclude. It boils down to a landscape is purely organic to me, and finding natural y beautiful organic compositions amongst my journeys has been far more than satisfying for me. It is interesting to me how often I see natural compositions that I come across my journeys strike eerie similarities to famous sculptures and other artistic mediums (or maybe I just have a overly active imagination). Nature can hold some of the most striking compositional inspirations as well as inspiration in general. Just take in consideration Ben Franklin who was inspired so much by lighting he ended up discovering electricity, we all learned that in Elementary World history right? We as people draw inspiration from nature wether we realize it or not, and that is why I like to shoot landscapes.
I discovered Dune du Pilat while traveling through the Bordeaux region of France. I find these photos suiting for the post as there is not really a subject in them, all there is the dune itself, the forest and the ocean and seeing as it was mid November the dune was relatively desolate compared to the summer where I imagine it is tourist territory. I found my self completely captivated by this place, the dune is located between the forest and the Ocean and is constantly changing with the climates. I fell in love with the capturing the relationships amongst these three elements. Enjoy the photos and feel more than free to comment!