Everyone can remember the handful of first jobs they had before they dove into lives, and careers and all that goodness. I was fortunate enough to work at an artisan and cheese shop in my pre-realife years. However, now I am cursed with a deep love, appreciation and borderline obsession of artisan wines and cheeses. So undoubtedly if I were to be in Switzerland I was going to end up here. Gruyères, the holy land and home town of Gruyère, swiss cheese. When you get into the town of Gruyères, there is a factory and you can do the tour and all that, which was neat and all but I felt a bit like a hearded sheep. As well don’t eat fondue at the factory, it looks like a cafeteria and there are little authentic fondue restaurants near by which Ill mention shortly.


The real gem in this town, however, lies in a little village right passed the factory which you need to walk up the hill to, because it is nearly impossible to find parking in the village (considering it has been there before the invention of the automobile). The walk isn’t bad anyway, plus if you enjoy taking pictures of sheep as I do there are some beauts along the way. Once you get into the village you get the classic storybook perception you had of switzerland as a kid, coblestone paths, alpine attire and all the swiss souvineers, meringues and double cream one could possibly ask for. As well there is a pretty awesome castle to top it off and for some reason a Buddhist monastery. Looking back through my photos I was trying to figure out why I had such a lack of pictures of this place, than I remembered, ‘oh yea I was stuffing my face with swiss cheese and fondue the whole time’. So we can easily say I enjoyed this short stop before I took of to Wengen!