Camden Lock Market
Unit 215 – 216
Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8AB, United Kingdom


Camden is a melting pot of punk rockers, fasionistas, modernos, gothics and pretty much any sub culture you could think of, so it comes to no surprise that the Camden Lock Market has become what it is today. Which is amazing, I only spent a day in the market but easily could return again and again and continually find new things. I specially took a liking to the more quirky stores that would have everything from vintage goods to boar heads on the walls, the owners of the shops were as equally strange. However you could say that about most the people in London, but the best of us are. ; )

Anyway since this is quiet a image heavy blog post so please turn your attention to the slideshow of photos below, seeing it is the best way to explain this massive quirky market located in Camden Town an inner city district of London the home of the Amy Winehouse <3