I want something good to die for to make it beautiful to live


I am not sure if you noticed but the chronological order of my blog posts have been a bit sporadic, for no reason other than the fact that that’s just the rhythm of life that I operate at. This post covers a little trip that I took to Biarritz France, a small surf town that is located in the French providence of basque territory about 5 weeks ago.


Biarritz is fun little town. Pack a lunch with you if your on a budget however because this place is bit pricey. However that’s usually how most beautiful places on the earth are. There will be a second blog post covering the part of my trip which was to Planete Musee du Chocolat Biarritz. Go figure my first ten minutes in the town I was all ready stepping foot into the town’s chocolate museum. If you’re visiting the Bilbao area you can easily catch a bus to Biarritz and spend a day in this small picturesque town. Enjoy the photos!